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  • Real estate agent exam counselling
  • Real estate management exam counselling
  • Home loan exam counselling
  • Strata property exam counselling
  • Managing broker exam counselling
  • Business license counselling
  • Real estate investment course

Real Estate Exam Experts

Quick Pass Master has the largest number of Chinese real estate licensing students in Metro Vancouver. The school started operations in 2011, and thousands have passed the license exam. Students with poor English, students with weak memory, students with learning disabilities, and students who don't have time to read can quickly pass the real estate license exam.

Courses offered by experts:

  1. Real Estate Broker License Examination Counseling
  2. Property Management License Examination Counseling
  3. Housing loan examination counseling
  4. Strata Property Examination Counselling
  5. Managing broker manager level examination counseling
  6. Construction Business License Examination Counseling
  7. Real Estate Investment Course

Quick Pass Master provides online and offline courses.

Illustration of Benson Wang

Benson Wang

Benson Wang has more than 8 years of full-time real estate licensing examination counseling experience. He holds multiple official certificates, including real estate brokerage, loan intermediary, property management, brokerage manager and multiple builder certificates. His lecture style is lively, clear, and easy to understand. The hundreds of trainees have won gold sales awards many times. He is the founder and principal of the premier Chinese real estate licensing examination school in Metro Vancouver.

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