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Study for CELPIP with online classes and supplementary practice. We’re accessible at every step of your preparation to help you improve and see results quickly!

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CELPIP Practice Tests

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Study for your upcoming CELPIP test with a full set of practice questions that are based on the actual test. Three test versions available, or in a complete bundle.

Study for your upcoming CELPIP-LS test with a full set of listening and speaking questions that are based on the actual test.

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Practice Sentence Structure

Get feedback and learn how to structure you sentences to improve your scores.

Build Your Vocabulary

Our practice tests are packed with high scoring words and phrases. Learn them and use them to improve your answers.

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Our Test is just like the real CELPIP test so you will be better prepared for any question type and know how to answer them.

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We provide sample answers for tough CELPIP questions so you can see what is needed to achieve those top scores.

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CELPIP Practice Tests. Are they worth it?

Yes. As with any test, practice makes perfect. The more you practice your listening, reading, speaking, and writing, the better your answers will be and the more comfortable you will be on the test.

Additionally, the CELPIP exam is unique to Canada. Many students are unfamiliar with the test format and struggle to achieve the best scores with their answers. Walking into CELPIP without preparation can create more stress and impact your performance. By taking a sample test, you’ll evaluate your readiness, know what to expect on the actual exam, and how to tackle the questions.

CELPIP Test Prep is an official partner supported by Paragon, the producers of CELPIP. We ensure that our content is as close to the official CELPIP exam as possible. This means you’ll answer questions, read articles, and cover topics that are similar to the ones that you will face on your actual exam so you’ll be better prepared and won’t encounter any surprises.

More Test Resources for You

CELPIP Listening Sample

We provide exclusively developed in-house CELPIP sample tests written by CELPIP experts and connect students to workshops with official partners. The official CELPIP website provides paid materials and seminars, but not 1-on-1 instruction. Materials are written in English, which can be stressful for beginner students. CELPIP Test Prep provided bilingual resources for stress-free learning and language growth.

More Tips and Tricks

Are There Official CELPIP Practice Tests?

Yes. Paragon offers paid online CELPIP practice tests and workshops. However, they do not offer 1-on-1 tutoring nor provide personalized feedback on their online CELPIP practice tests.

How Are Your CELPIP Practice Tests Different Than Paragon’s?

Our team has developed an online platform to make our CELPIP practice tests look and feel similar to the official CELPIP exam. More importantly, we provide opportunities for personalized feedback for the CELPIP Writing and CELPIP Speaking sections, so you know how to improve and get higher scores.

Why Should I Spend Money On Practice Materials?

Good question! We understand that many students don’t want to pay for study materials on top of their exam. We believe spending a little extra on practice is a small yet fruitful investment because it’s ultimately cheaper than booking another exam if you’re unsatisfied with the scores on your previous one.

Resources from the CELPIP Site

Note: There are a lot of different resources available, and some require registration for access.
Finding the most effective one for you may be overwhelming.
Talk with us to get a clearer picture.

1. Prepare for CELPIP

Create your own free CELPIP account to take advantage of free resources like a free CELPIP sample exam and learn how to register for the exam. CELPIP Study Materials

CELPIP Official Website

2. Take a sample test

Take a free online CELPIP sample exam to determine your readiness and familiarize yourself with the test format and timing.


3. Attend free workshops

CELPIP offers 10 hours of free online workshops and webinars hosted by CELPIP officials to help test takers focus their studying and learn tips and tricks to find answers quickly and accurately.


4. Buy study materials

If you need additional practice, you can purchase access to an interactive learning program, online practice tests, and study guides.


5. Attend a preparation program

Prepare for CELPIP with other test takers either online or in-person in a classroom setting, taught by a CELPIP expert. Learn skills to help you get your targeted scores.

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6. Watch study videos

CELPIP offers plenty of videos to help you establish a study routine and learn more about additional resources. All videos are conducted by a CELPIP instructor. We also provide unique strategies on our YouTube channel.

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7. Get free resources

Download plenty of CELPIP materials from the official website, such as guidebooks, overviews, webinars, study tips, and CELPIP vocabulary words.

加一思培 CELPIP Test Prep

Frequently Asked Questions about CELPIP Practice Tests

Compared with IELTS, CELPIP has the following advantages:
The CELPIP exam is new, and the difficulty of the exam is relatively low. All the questions are multiple-choice, which eliminates the loss of scores caused by misspellings in the IELTS test. Moreover, a single question type makes the difficulty of the examination questions lower. CELPIP’s listening portion uses Canadian accents, rather than international accents such as in the IELTS test, which helps reduce test takers’ stress. The word count of the writing questions written for CELPIP is 150 words each, which is equivalent to two essays for IELTS. CELPIP test takers can also utilize the word counter and spelling error check while writing. Finally, CELPIP’s oral questions are fixed. After the candidates have mastered the rules and skills of the question types, they are more familiar with the recording of the computer-based test. Learn more about the differences here.

You can take advantage of free official CELPIP study materials to help you obtain a CELPIP passing score. If you feel that you need additional practice, consult us to help you with your CELPIP preparation.

Official CELPIP materials only come in English. However, CELPIP Test Prep offers Chinese resources for students to provide a stress-free study environment to help students succeed.

CELPIP Test Prep is officially recognized by Paragon to be a certified CELPIP learning center. Our teachers are CELPIP certified and our curriculum is constructed using their expertise to help students achieve their own desired scores.

CELPIP’s official website provides free sample tests and additional free online workshops and webinars. Test takers can also buy additional materials if they require additional practice. CELPIP Test Prep provides these materials in class, along with professional instruction.

Before the course begins, all students will take an assessment to assess their English proficiency. Our teachers will place you in the right class if your level is too low or high for the class. If, any point during the course that the material is too easy or difficult for you, your teacher will move you accordingly.

Yes, candidates can cancel or reschedule their exams through their CELPIP account. If you’d like to cancel, you can get a 50% refund of the registration fee if you cancel 9 days before the test date. If less than 9 days, then there will be no refund. If you want to reschedule, you must pay the rescheduling fee. If you are applying to reschedule wtihin 9 days of the test day, you will need to provide additional proof of application.

Our prices are fixed; however, there are occasional promotions, so please stay in touch with us to learn more about these sales! We also give preferential prices to students who recommend new students, so please spread the word about our services to your friends who may need them!


I have improved my CELPIP writing and speaking a lot by participating in the sprint class of CELPIP. The skills and sentence patterns guided by the teacher are very helpful! Thank you for your professional guidance!
Sherry Sherry CELPIP Test Prep Student
After 4 weeks, I established solid test skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and I am confident in the CELPIP exam. It is highly recommended to friends who must prepare for the exam within a limited time. Thank you for your professional CELPIP exam preparation.
Nicky Nicky CELPIP Test Prep Student
Teacher Alan is really a good teacher! After taking a few classes of his, I have mastered the solid CELPIP exam skills, which makes me full of confidence in this exam. Thanks again for the professional courses and services.
Wang Wang CELPIP Test Prep Student
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