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The CAEL exam stands for: Canadian Academic English Language Assessment. It is an English proficiency test designed by Carleton University in Canada for students studying in Canada and English-speaking countries. The CAEL test is an English proficiency test for studying abroad that has been accepted by Canadian universities. It is the third largest study abroad English proficiency test after TOEFL IELTS, and it brings new opportunities for students to study abroad. No long IELTS preparation and practice IELTS speaking question bank, you can quickly prepare for the CAEL test!


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Different from IELTS-G and IELTS-A, the CAEL test is characterized by application-based test questions. The test is divided into 5 parts, and each part has only one topic. Under the same theme, the three skills of listening, reading and writing are used to examine the English skills of the examinees in pairs, so examinees can combine the contents of the examination to learn from each other.

Most of the test content comes from the 12th grade of English, so it is a relatively simple but highly applicable test with IELTS scoring standards. It is derived from university classrooms and university reading materials, and is more relevant to students’ future study in the university. Conducive to students' future university studies. Students with low IELTS scores may get high CAEL scores. It is really conducive to the future university study.

The test is the same system as ESL/ELL English teaching in Canada, which is especially suitable for students with Canadian high school learning experience.

A more approachable test method. The listening, reading, writing, and speaking topics are very close to academic classrooms in Canada. Compared with IELTS speaking, CAEL speaking is more practical and can be smoothly connected to the university. If you are going to high school, including going to an international school, is very advantageous. Compared with IELTS-G reading or IELTS-A reading, the content is closer to what the school needs.

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Why is CAEL better and easier than IELTS?

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The IELTS test is based on theory, with more emphasis on ability and high scores. The examination is gradually "de-skilled".



The CAEL test is a practical test, which is more human.


IELTS has a wide range of knowledge, each listening, reading, and writing contains different topics. The IELTS reading scoring standard is also high, which requires long-term accumulation, and it is difficult to quickly prepare for improvement.



Each part of the CAEL exam contains only one topic. The test site is small. Easy to prepare.


IELTS vocabulary and test question types are diverse, and IELTS writing standards are also higher, requiring long-term training and skills.



Listening to reading and writing on the same subject, writing and speaking can refer to the listening and reading content, and learn from each other for reference.


The test questions do not ask test takers directly. Keyword positioning words are frequently synonymous, and there are many "traps" in the test questions. IELTS listening and IELTS reading also have more changes, especially according to the IELTS listening scoring standard. It is difficult for students to locate and find accurate answers.



In the setting of test questions, the question setting of the CAEL test is very straightforward, with less synonymous conversion of keyword positioning words and fewer traps, making it easier for students to find accurate answers and get high scores. The test format is derived from Canadian classrooms and is very suitable for local international students.


The IELTS test must go to a designated test center to take a written test. The space is limited, registration is more difficult, and the test cycle is long.

Test sites


Candidates for the CAEL test can take the computer-based test at home or at the test center, with more choices and easier.

Our professional team can help you answer and questions regarding the CAEL exam

Q:Which universities in Canada accept the results of the CAEL test?
A:The CAEL exam is already a national exam, so the results of the CAEL exam are accepted by almost all Canadian universities, colleges and high schools. Each university will have different requirements for the results of the CAEL exam according to the major and subject that the students apply for.
Q:What is the format of the CAEL exam? Which parts are it divided into?
A:The CAEL test is a computer-based test. In general, it is divided into two parts: written test and spoken English. The written test includes reading, listening and writing. The oral test is about 25 minutes. At present, CAEL supports online exams, so that students can take the exam at home. In addition to local test sites in Canada, CAEL can take the test in China. There are also test centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
Q:What issues should be paid attention to when reviewing and preparing for the CAEL exam?
A:Speaking test: CAEL Speaking There are 5 questions, the first question is a simple self-introduction. The second question is the question assigned by the examiner, and the students will summarize the main points. The third question is based on the reading material, and then answer the question based on the material. The fourth topic is reading a short article. The fifth topic is class discussion. Therefore, when preparing for the oral test, pay attention to the speed of speaking and speak clearly.

A:Regarding the written test: At the beginning of the test, CAEL’s writing will inform the candidates what the topic of the test is today, and then inform the content of the written essay, so students can read with questions during the process of reading and listening. Listen to the materials, and then bring the materials from the reading and listening to the writing of the thesis. Most of the questions in CAEL's Reading and CAEL's Listening are multiple-choice questions, the question type is relatively single, and the question setting is straightforward. CAEL Test Prep's fast reading method, through the fast reading method developed by the CAEL Test Prep CAEL test and the CAEL training team, familiar with the CAEL scoring standards, to help students master how to quickly find keywords. How to write the main content when answering the question, without the need for complete sentences, you can score!

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