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CELPIP Classes for Each Level

Need to achieve a certain CELPIP score? Take the class that best suits you

CELPIP Elite Class (English)

The elite class is dedicated to tackling more difficult material, learning hidden tips and tricks to earn higher points in individual sections, and improving writing, listening, and speaking skills to achieve advanced comprehension. This is recommended for students who have a minimum CELPIP score of 7 and seek to improve.

Each week will focus on one of the four CELPIP sections. Classes are designed to help students interpret material that may not always be straightforward, improve vocabulary to demonstrate English proficiency, learn correct writing structures, and listen for key information. Supplementary materials are provided and feedback is available. Classes occur three times a week in the evenings and span for one month.

Class Schedule

Days PT ET
Mon / Wed / Fri 7pm – 9pm 10pm – 12am

Online & In-person

This class is recommended for those at CLB7 and over

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CELPIP Sprint Class (Chinese)

This class is dedicated to students who have learned the foundations of English and are beginning to prepare for the CELPIP exam or need guidance on becoming familiar with the exam format. Students do not need to have any experience with CELPIP to enroll in this class.

Each week will focus on one of the four CELPIP sections. Classes are designed to help students recognize the level of English comprehension needed for the exam, how to effectively select the best answers for multiple-choice questions, and unique strategies that will give students an extra boost. Supplementary materials are provided and feedback is available. All classes are taught in Chinese to provide a stress-free learning environment, but all in-house materials are in English.

Class Schedule

Days PT ET
Mon / Wed / Fri 10am – 12pm / 7pm – 9pm 1pm – 3pm / 10pm – 12am

Online & In-person

This class is recommended for those at CLB4-7

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If you’re beginning to study English as a second language, our class is designed to teach you introductory grammar, spelling, and listening and speaking skills. Students do not need to have any experience with CELPIP to enroll in this class.

It’s beneficial to learn everyday English to be able to comfortably navigate in Canada because many essential services require English comprehension. We teach in Chinese to provide a stress-free environment, and students will learn the English equivalent for a language that they’re intimately familiar with. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or pressured – all of our students are just starting out, like you! Common services that require English include applying for citizenship or immigration, using public transportation, and or using government services.

Class Schedule

Days PT ET
Tue / Thu 10am – 12pm 1pm – 3pm

Online & In-person

This class is recommended for those at CLB3 and under

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This online course is bilingually taught in Chinese and English. You can learn English easily, even with zero foundation!

  • 15 categories of daily conversation exercises
  • Spoken Canadian pronunciation practice
  • Canadian Geography
  • Common vocabulary, simple grammar

The course is suitable for:
Students with zero English proficiency or poor foundation. Students do not need to have English learning experience to start classes.

Course settings:

  • Professional teachers who are certified by BC and have a licensed English sound teacher.
  • Teaching in online mode, easy to operate, and easy to learn at home.
  • The lesson time is short, the content covers the essential English in life, the basics are simple, and the results are quick!
  • Bilingual teaching in Chinese and English, stress-free and easy learning!

Course content:

  • All course content is closely related to life in Canada.
  • The topics cover a wide range of topics from driver’s license test, immigration and naturalization, doctor appointments, to parent meetings.

Class Schedule

Days PT ET
Tue / Thu 1pm – 2pm 4pm – 5pm

Online & In-person

Students do not need English experience for this class

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CELPIP 1-to-1

If you prefer studying alone or in a private setting, our instructors are available for personal tutoring. Sessions can last from 1 to 2 and a half hours and are scheduled to accommodate the student. You and your instructor will construct a personalized learning plan that will help you succeed at the pace that you desire. Students may engage in private lessons for supplementary help, specific issues regarding writing, listening, or speaking, or additional practice.

Class Schedule

Days PT ET
Any day At your convenience
CELPIP 1-to-1

Online & In-person

Customizable class times to fit your schedule and needs

Available for any CLB level

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CELPIP Books and Study Materials

Do you prefer self-directed study? Our CELPIP study materials strengthen your English ability and prepares you for the CELPIP Exam.

Learn Online


  • Study in a comfortable and familiar setting.
  • Save time from commuting if you are out of the city or province.
  • Engage in classwork in real-time.
  • Receive the same content as you would in class.
  • Use your personal devices to access lessons.

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Learn Offline


  • Study in a classroom similar to the CELPIP testing center.
  • Interact with other students who are also aspiring for the same goals as you.
  • Participate in class discussions and receive assistance from instructors.
  • Receive other students’ feedback on written work.

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CELPIP Structure and Grading


50 mins.
6 parts: 38 multiple choice questions


60 mins.
4 parts: 38 multiple choice questions


55 mins.
2 parts: 2 questions


20 mins.
8 parts: 8 questions

Frequently Asked Questions about CELPIP Test Prep Classes

Compared with IELTS, CELPIP has the following advantages:
The CELPIP exam is new, and the difficulty of the exam is relatively low. All the questions are multiple-choice, which eliminates the loss of scores caused by misspellings in the IELTS test. Moreover, a single question type makes the difficulty of the examination questions lower. CELPIP’s listening portion uses Canadian accents, rather than international accents such as in the IELTS test, which helps reduce test takers’ stress. The word count of the writing questions written for CELPIP is 150 words each, which is equivalent to two essays for IELTS. CELPIP test takers can also utilize the word counter and spelling error check while writing. Finally, CELPIP’s oral questions are fixed. After the candidates have mastered the rules and skills of the question types, they are more familiar with the recording of the computer-based test. Learn more about the differences.

After you’ve signed up, you will receive an email with a link that also includes the date and time. You will need to enter the course about 30 minutes prior to ensure that your microphone and video camera are working. Once the instructor has confirmed that all students are present, the class will begin. When finished, you can exit by closing the window.

No need to worry – even if the teacher cannot see or hear you, so long you are able to hear the teacher, you will be able to participate in the class. There is also a chat function for you to type inquiries or comments.

CELPIP Test Prep is officially recognized by Paragon to be a certified CELPIP learning center. Our teachers are CELPIP certified and our curriculum is constructed using their expertise to help students achieve their own desired scores.

Our classes will guarantee a +1 score to your current test results, so long students diligently attend our classes and practice. If students do not achieve their +1 increase, they may take our classes indefinitely until this is achieved. However, we advise students not to only rely on our guaranteed class and take initiative in their own education to achieve your desired results with professional guidance.

Before the course begins, all students will take an assessment to assess their English proficiency. Our teachers will place you in the right class if your level is too low or high for the class. If, any point during the course that the material is too easy or difficult for you, your teacher will move you accordingly.

As classes are taught in a group setting, our teachers will not be able to accommodate for individual student absences. However, students are free to book 1-on-1 sessions with their teacher for additional help or to review past materials.

Our prices are fixed; however, there are occasional promotions, so please stay in touch with us to learn more about these sales! We also give preferential prices to students who recommend new students, so please spread the word about our services to your friends who may need them!


I have improved my CELPIP writing and speaking a lot by participating in the sprint class of CELPIP. The skills and sentence patterns guided by the teacher are very helpful! Thank you for your professional guidance!
Sherry Sherry CELPIP Test Prep Student
After 4 weeks, I established solid test skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and I am confident in the CELPIP exam. It is highly recommended to friends who must prepare for the exam within a limited time. Thank you for your professional CELPIP exam preparation.
Nicky Nicky CELPIP Test Prep Student
Teacher Alan is really a good teacher! After taking a few classes of his, I have mastered the solid CELPIP exam skills, which makes me full of confidence in this exam. Thanks again for the professional courses and services.
Wang Wang CELPIP Test Prep Student
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