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Our Teachers

Our certified instructors are here to help you succeed!


Lee Teacher

Graduated from the University of Cambridge

Lee graduated from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom with a teaching qualification. As our foreign general manager, Lee is responsible for communicating with foreign departments to introduce CELPIP Test Prep so prospects will be able to reach out if they need assistance. He is also deeply invested in researching, developing, and expanding our in-house materials to provide the highest quality of teaching possible. He firmly believes that learning a language is not only a test of talent, but also a test of real-world skills and applications.


Thomas Teacher

Masters from the world's top 20 universities

Thomas graduated from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom with a teaching qualification. He is passionate about education and has countless years of experience teaching in a public school system. He also assisted our CELPIP Test Prep team in researching and analyzing the CELPIP exam to create original in-house content. His own experience with CELPIP helped inform our original curriculum and he continues to pass his skills onto his students.

Lydia Teacher

Graduate of the University of British Columbia.

Lydia graduated from the University of British Columbia in linguistics. She began teaching during her undergraduate program, and has over 5 years of teaching history. She specializes in CELPIP’s writing and speaking topics and ELL. Students praise Lydia for her patience and approachability, as well as how she provides constructive criticism regarding their weaknesses. No matter what their skill level is, she can create a lesson plan that will help them succeed.


Tanu Teacher

Certified teacher with English specialization

Tanu graduated from the University of British Columbia in history and English, and she holds a BC Teacher’s License. Tanu is an experienced teacher in both the public school system and tutoring for CELPIP, IELTS, and TOEFL. Her students often praise her for her detailed explanations, informative lectures, pleasant class atmosphere, and professionalism. Many of them have gone on to excel in the CELPIP exam under her tutelage.


Elaine Teacher

Elaine graduated from UBC with a Masters of Education. Teacher Elaine has been devoted to English education for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in teaching CELPIP. She summarizes and organizes a series of quick scoring and full-scoring test skills for her students. Elaine hopes that through her efforts, more students can have high scores and pass various English exams more easily!


Jeffrey Teacher

Jeffrey graduated from SFU with a major in Communications. Through years of English teaching and developing curriculum, Jeffrey has compiled a methodology of systematic learning for English listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teacher Jeffrey is especially proficient in teaching IELTS and rapidly improving students' scores. Students will not only improve their English ability, but also boost their confidence and scores in their English tests.

Our teaching team has your back

Our instructors are not just here to teach - we’re here to encourage you every step of your studies and provide support or answer questions. We pay close attention to each student to accommodate their needs and provide them with the best help possible. The materials we develop in-house comes from years of experience and careful analysis of CAEL exam trends. Without the collaboration of our students, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the best help possible!

Frequently Asked Questions about Our CELPIP Teachers

Yes, all our teachers are CAEL-certified, have years of teaching experience, and their own specializations. Our teachers use their knowledge to teach students how the best approach the CAEL exam.

Students can attend CAEL classes online from home.

For students who have a weak English foundation, our instructors will use a mix of Chinese and English to create a stress-free environment. As you become more comfortable, our instructors will use more Englith to immerse you in a casual English speaking environment, but students may use Chinese if there is anything that you do not understand.

Please leave a testimonial with us and tell us how your instructor helped you! This helps other students learn about our instructors and how they can help, so they can help more candidates accomplish their goals.

Our teachers will teach students specific tips and tricks that will help them succeed in each category of CAEL. We also use exclusive in-house materials to provide additional practice for students and prepare them for various topics that may be on the CAEL exam.

Students who require supplementary practice outside of group classes can book 1-on-1 private classes with their CAEL teacher to receive additional practice in areas that are specific to the student.

Of course, students are free to ask to change teachers at any time if they feel that the instructor’s teaching style does not match what they’re looking for. We work closely with our students to ensure our instructors deliver quality teaching.

Our instructors work closely with students in group settings to ensure that all students understand the material. Our classes take place over four weeks, which gives our instructors plenty of time to learn about the individual students and their strengths and weaknesses. Our instructors also helped create exclusive in-house materials provided to students that are made to reflect current CAEL topics and trends. Our team is very familiar with CAEL and eager to help you succeed!


I had lots of CAEL practice tests to help me prepare. I also got a lot of CAEL study materials and finished the exam. Thank you for your help!
Sherry Yinxing L.
The CAEL test was easy after I practiced CAEL writing and took sample tests. The tutors were very helpful. I also learned CAEL test tips I recommend the class.
Nicky Abigail P.
CAEL preparation course helped me become more confident and the CAEL writing topics. I learned a lot of CAEL vocabulary and speaking topics. It was a very helpful class!
Wang Terry W.
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