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IELTS, the full name of the International English Language Testing System (International English Language Testing System), is one of the international English standardized proficiency tests. The types of IELTS tests include: academic tests (A, Academic) and training tests (G, General Training).

IELTS G course

IELTS Test Prep IELTS G class 3 major courses

Live, recorded, one-to-one, flexible combination learning. IELTS G Listening, reading, speaking, writing skills and scoring standards are analyzed in depth to quickly improve the G IELTS score.

IELTS G Test Features Scoring Standards Analysis

The IELTS G test includes four parts of English proficiency test: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

IELTS G Speaking

In the form of "person-to-person", candidates and examiners face to face one-on-one.

IELTS G Writing

Including an IELTS G-class essay, mostly for letter application; and an IELTS G-class essay, mostly an argumentative essay. The IELTS G composition style emphasizes internationalization, involving academic and current affairs hotspot discussions.

IELTS G Reading

The types of examination questions are varied and complex, Including multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching questions, Judge right or wrong questions, etc.

IELTS G Listening

IELTS Listening Scoring Standard Including a variety of English accents, English accent, American accent, Australian accent, New Zealand accent and other types.

IELTS G score

IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.

IELTS G Test Bank

The IELTS test development team, Cambridge Assessment English, is located in English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Collect test materials from all over the world, and combine current affairs hotspots and language development, constantly update and expand the IELTS question bank. It also increased the difficulty for IELTS training and IELTS training institutions to collect IELTS machine experience.

The difference between IELTS G and A

The types of IELTS tests include academic tests (A, Academic) and training tests (G, General Training). IELTS A test is suitable for studying abroad to apply for undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degrees, or to obtain professional qualifications. IELTS G test, applicable to immigration applications from English-speaking countries (such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom), or to apply for training and non-diploma courses.


For students who need to pass a high IELTS G score in order to apply for Canadian immigration, CELPIP, as the same type of IELTS test, is also a good choice. The language training team of Plus One Education, through years of teaching and research experience on the IELTS G and CELPIP exams, has summarized a detailed comparison of IELTS G and CELPIP exams for students to compare and choose.

If you need more information about the comparison between IELTS G and CELPIP, or if you want to get more test suggestions tailored for you, please contact the Jiayi Education Professional Team! 1 to 1 free consultation for you!

IELTS G Scoring Criteria

The IELTS G test adopts the internationally recognized 9-point scoring system. The 9 score sections and the corresponding language proficiency are described as follows:


Expert Level

Appropriate, accurate, fluent and able to fully understand the language, close to the level of native English speakers.


Level of excellence

Very fluent, basically error-free, can use English freely, but with sporadic errors or improper use of words. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar contexts, and the complicated and detailed arguments can be mastered quite well.


Good level

Fluent, accurate, occasionally wrong, able to use English effectively, although occasionally inaccurate, inappropriate and misunderstanding. Generally, you can master complex English well and understand detailed reasoning.


Qualified level

Able to use English relatively fluently, and generally able to use English effectively. Although inaccurate, inappropriate and misunderstanding occur, he can use and understand more complicated English, especially in a familiar context.


Basic level

Basic knowledge of English, able to communicate daily, can use English partially, and understand the general meaning in most cases. Although errors often occur, basic communication can be handled in the areas that are often involved.


Limited level

There are many errors but the student is able to express the basic meaning. Basic comprehension is limited to familiar situations, problems often occur in understanding and expression, and complex English cannot be used.


Very limited level

Simple communication can be carried out, and general communication can only be carried out in very familiar situations, and communication obstacles frequently occur.


Beginner level

Master simple phrases, unless in a familiar context, almost can only use isolated words or short sentences to express the most basic information, and effective communication cannot be achieved. Difficult to understand or understand English.


Don't understand english

Master individual words, almost unable to communicate, can speak individual words at most, unable to communicate in English at all.

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