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We offer preparation services for the CELPIP English language proficiency test and our students achieve scores of 9 and above! That’s because we have a collection of secret tips and techniques that actually work!

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What Is the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency Test?

For many individuals looking to immigrate to Canada, the language proficiency test can be a daunting and intimidating prospect. That’s why so many families come to us for help. We assist their loved ones in preparing for the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test, and we help them securing the results they need. Our expert team removes the pain and stress associated with the test and we prepare our students for success by providing them with all the information they need to pass.

We provide support and advice for both the CELPIP General test (language exams for Canadian immigrants), and the CELPIP General LS test (language exam for Canadian citizens).

Why Should I Choose CELPIP?

Put simply, it was created specifically for people like you! People that are looking to make a permanent move to Canada. It’s also the language test recommended by Canadian immigration.

When it comes to choosing CELPIP or IELTS, we recommend taking the CELPIP test because it’s much less intimidating than the IELTS test and involves simple speaking exercises, short writing sections and multiple choice questions.

Once you know what to expect and how to approach each question, the test becomes incredibly straightforward, and that’s where we come in. We provide sample questions and examples that reflect the same questions you’ll be asked on your test and we break them down and show you how to answer them. We also share our top tips and tricks for CELPIP practice that can help boost your overall scores!



How Can We Help Me?


We’re one of the first counseling organizations to carry out support for the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test. We’ve paid close attention to CELPIP test format, examination trends, and their free CELPIP sample test, so we know exactly what they’re looking for. This detailed research and analysis has allowed us to successfully prepare our students for the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test, helping them to achieve the marks they need.

To help deliver the content to you, we have a fantastic team of experts who all hold BC teaching licenses and have decades of combined experience. With their help, you’ll learn to overcome any fears you have ahead of the test leaving you feeling confident and positive.

We have tips and tricks for all speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You can get help across all 4 sections or just choose the ones you feel you need help with.

Choose to succeed! Choose CELPIP Test Prep Vancouver!

“CELPIP Test Prep” is one of the first counseling organizations to carry out support for the CELPIP examination. When CELPIP became an official language test in Canada in 2015, we closely watched the CELPIP examination trends. Since then, after a significant amount of analysing, researching, drawing on previous test questions, and successfully preparing our students for the CELPIP test, we are confident that you will do well with us! With strong faculty members (our teachers all hold BC teaching licenses), and years of practice, we can ensure that candidates we help will no longer have to be afraid of their CELPIP language exam. Our students who underwent our CELPIP test preparation achieved higher marks.

Rather than having to take the language tests over and over again, it is better to be fully prepared. Let our professional CELPIP instructors guide you on how to understand the exam’s template and process—and see tangible results! Choosing “CELPIP Test Prep” is the path to CELPIP success!


CELPIP TEST PREP Course introduction

CELPIP Basic Test Preparation  (Immigration / Citizenship):

The CELPIP basic class is designed for candidates who have a below average or average skill level in English. Students who received a total of 5 points or less, or those who want to become a Canadian citizen are generally recommended for this class.

Basic course time:

Morning class: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Evening class: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6: 30 p.m. – 9: 00 p.m.

Students can customize their course time if there are 3 or more students who would be able to attend that same time slot.

CELPIP Advance Test Preparation (Immigration):

CELPIP Advance class is designed for students with an advanced level of English. This is mainly for candidates who are hoping to get additional points for their immigration application through the language test.

Advance course time:

Evening class: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Students can customize their course time if there are 3 or more students who would be able to attend that same time slot.

Where to get a free CELPIP sample test?

The official CELPIP practice test can only be found on the official CELPIP site, and a free test can be found here.

Can I get access to CELPIP practice test?

However, while there is a single free CELPIP sample test, to access more CELPIP practice, you will have to go the official CELPIP store and pay an online subscription of 3 months for $100CAD for a bundle of 5 practice tests or buy each for $35. Paperback versions are available, depending on your needs.

There is also a CELPIP Accelerate (Online) Bundle, an online three-month subscription version for $40, which walks you through each aspect of the CELPIP program: CELPIP listening, CELPIP speaking, CELPIP reading and CELPIP writing. The CELPIP Accelerate is entirely a self-service online video platform. Consider this the CELPIP online textbook.

After your CELPIP test, both the online CELPIP textbook and practice test expires after your paid subscription. If you are unhappy with your CELPIP score and would like to redo your CELPIP test, you will need to resubscribe again.

CELPIP Test Prep can help! We walk you through different and extensive CELPIP sample tests. Our experienced CELPIP teachers will review the results of your CELPIP practice and design a personalized CELPIP improvement plan for you! Practice and review with our CELPIP experts get you top CELPIP marks, stress-free!

We have the Strongest CELPIP Test Preparation Team


Dennis graduated with honours from Simon Fraser University in their Electrical Engineering program. In 2003, Dennis pursued his passion for education and founded the Aim High Academy education tutorial center. He now spends his time working with students to strengthen their knowledge across math, science and English.

Celpip teacher Eline
Celpip teacher Tanu


Tanu graduated from the University of British Columbia in the English/History program. Tanu has been an English teacher for many years and is highly experienced in preparing students to take the CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test who aren’t too familiar with the English language. With a friendly and approachable teaching style, Tanu manages to make every student feel welcome and works to give them all the help the need to succeed.


Christa graduated from the University of British Columbia’s English program and has a passion for teaching and the education industry. Christa specializes in teaching LPI and Canadian provincial exam subjects. Through Christa’s proven set of teaching techniques, many of her students have successfully passed their CELPIP™ English Language Proficiency test

Celpip teacher Christa


Q: What types of CELPIP class do you offer?

The basic class is designed for candidates who have a below average or average skill level in English. Students who received a previous result of 5 or less, or students who want to become a Canadian citizen are generally recommended for this class.


Q: Can I still come to your tutoring class if I have not taken the CELPIP test before?

A: You do not need previous CELPIP experience to join our class. We welcome all students regardless of their experience and skill level.


Q: What is your address and is there parking available?

A: We are located at 1201-3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, BC. It is on the 2nd floor of the Continental Shopping Center. We are in a neighbourhood that has convenient parking and the parking spots are free for up to 3 hours at a time.


Q: Where can I access the CELPIP Practice Test?

A: You can access the free CELPIP test sample by visiting their official website. We also provide printed study material free of charge to all students.



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