The CELPIP Test is an official made-in-Canada authoritative language exam. It is one of the two approved language exams for foreign nationals looking for residency in Canada. The other being IELTS. What is IELTS? It is the International English Language Testing System, which is a standardized test used to assess the english language skills on non-native English speakers.

With two options to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? Is it CELPIP or IELTS?

Let’s start with the scoring. The scoring between the two is slightly different with IELTS results ranging from 0 - 9 and CELPIP scores ranging from 0 - 12. In terms of test structure, they both contain 4 categories each (Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking), but how do these categories differ? Let’s find out by breaking them down and comparing them against each other.


CELPIP vs. IELTS, Which One is Better?

IELTS Writing vs. CELPIP Writing:

Let’s start with the writing portion of the test it's perhaps the best example of how the CELPIP test is much more forgiving and less intimidating than the IELTS test.
The first writing task for IELTS would require you to manually write 150 words on a chosen topic. The second task would require you to then extend that word count and write an additional 250 words on a different topic. In speaking to numerous candidates that have taken this test, the one thing that seems to constantly come up is that they barely have enough time to finish the tasks, rushing to complete them.

In contrast, the CELPIP tasks only require you to write around 150 -200 words for each. That means that you with CELPIP, you’re writing less and with more time to do it too.

AS CELPIP electronically carries out their tests, you’ll see a handy counter that will inform you of how many words you have written, eliminating any guess work during the tasks. Additionally, the computer will highlight any spelling mistakes. Meaning that you can instantly correct your spelling. This simple addition helps to further removes the guesswork and any nerves associated with spelling abilities.

IELTS Listening vs. CELPIP Listening:

When compared with IELTS, CELPIP’s listening section is much easier to complete and here’s why:
Firstly, you’re allowed to make notes on a piece of paper, which is perfect for the listening test as you don’t have to rely so heavily on memorization.

CELPIP’s audio recordings are performed by Canadians with a familiar accent. This is unlike the IELTS exam, which has records from voice actors across the globe. The varying accents can sometimes make it hard to understand what is being said.

CELPIP audio content is often based on local/national events and canadian cultural. This is perfect if you’re already familiar with canadian customs and is easy to research if you’re not. IELTS prep can be difficult as you can never really know what region they’ll be pulling from in their recordings.

CELPIP’s listening section is made up of multiple-choice questions and the time remaining for each question is clearly shown in the top right of the screen. You can expect to have around 45-55 minutes to complete the listening section.

IELTS Reading vs. CELPIP Reading:

CELPIP’s reading section has a total of 4 articles and is much more straightforward than the IELTS reading section and here’s why:
The IELTS’ reading section has a total of 3 long-form articles and a total of 40 questions to answer too. With limited time to both read the text and answer the questions, many students fail to complete this section in time or rush to complete it and make simple mistakes.

The first article in the CELPIP reading section is in the form of a letter. the second and third articles focus on collecting information. You’ll need to skim the text to find the answers for each question. It’s a simple exercise that isn’t too time consuming as you don’t have to read the text from start to finish to locate the answers. The last article focuses on opposing points of view that you must assess and answer questions on.

When we look at IELTS vs CELPIP in relation to the reading section, what makes the CELPIP test ideal is that it’s purely based on canadian topics, which can make it feel less intimidating and therefore easier to approach. Plus, the sections are well documented and easier to prepare for when you have the right materials and an experienced instructor.

IELTS Speaking vs. CELPIP Speaking:

The speaking section of both tests tends to be the most intimidating, which is why CELPIP has designed their section to be the most user friendly of the two.
In the IELTS’ speaking section, you would have to maintain a face-to-face conversation with an examiner. To many, this can feel like an interview and in turn, that often leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

The facial cues, personality and demeanor of the examiner can sometimes through of candidates and there's no real degree of certain as to what you’re going to be asked. When talking with the examiner, you’ll have to pay close attention to their questions as you may not be able to ask them to repeat themselves.

The CELPIP test on the the other hand, removes the examiner, which eliminates the stress and anxiety associated with social interactions. All you need to do is speak clearly into a microphone. The questions are spoken in a Canadian accent and are presented on screen too. There is also have a timer to keep track of how long you’ve been speaking.

Within this section and all other sections within the CELPIP test, high marks are possible with practice and help from our experienced CELPIP TEST teachers. We help you find ways to earn additional marks, we walk you through common sentence structures, and we provide you with opportunities to practice and receive feedback ahead of your test, ensuring that you enter it with confidence.

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